Many, many new faces

February 2024

Our group substantially grew in size as we now have five new Bachelor candidates. We welcome Linda Biemans, Pia Doering, Jana Egner-Walter, Shirley Kempf and Dorothee Hoffmann! Some exciting weeks and months with many new experiences lie ahead of you, so have fun and enjoy it :)

New year, new endeavors, new opportunities

January 2024

With the start of a new year, Prof. Geraldine Zimmer-Bensch will be the new Editor-in-Chief of Neurogenetics (Springer)! Feel free to read the editorial below (or via this link) to learn more about the aims and scopes.

One of the major goals as an EiC is to enhance the fairness, constructiveness, supportiveness, and transparency of the peer review process. Prof. Zimmer-Bensch will be committed to assist early-career scientists and PIs, and those exploring “unconventional” hypotheses to publish their studies. Publishing well-designed studies even when the hypotheses are not confirmed, in other words, reporting “negative results” is equally important to the new EiC. Upholding best practices and high scientific standards is another key focus. Prof. Zimmer-Bensch will be specifically dedicated to increasing the visibility of the journal among neurogeneticists who are involved in basic science, such as those working with animal models, primary neuron cultures, iPSCs, or organoids/assembloids. Additionally, she envisions to connect the journal more closely with the neuroepigenetic scientific community in both clinical and basic science.

Our new publication is out!

October 2023

We have just released the second chapter to our story about the long non-coding RNA Snhg15. Previously, we have found Snhg15 to be downregulated in immortalized cerebellar granule cells that were stimulated with ephrinA5, a signaling protein crucial in proper brain development. If you want to find out more about how this downregulation alters the epigenome and cellular physiology, you can check out our paper here.

Great to see how the work of the past years has paid out! We would like to thank our collaborators for this much appreciated cooperation: Also congratulations to our PhD Can Yildiz for his first first-author publication!

RTG Spring Retreat

May 2023

The month is almost over and we spent some exciting days at the RTG2416 Spring Retreat in Königswinter. We spent two days on science and group events to contribute on decoding how the brain integrates multisensory stimulation. We had a lovely time, thanks so much!

Farewell Claudia!

May 2023

After several months of successful experiments and great research, we now say goodbye with mixed feelings to our intern, Claudia Palacios. Claudia was a huge asset to our group for the last months, so of course we’re sad to see her leave. We wish you great success for your scientific future and our doors are always open for you!

Alessandro Sessa

May 2023

We look back on another great talk in our Neuroepigenetic Seminar Series on World Wide Neuro. Alessandro Sessa educated us about Epigenetic rewiring in Schinzel-Giedion syndrome, what a fascinating topic!

Lab Outing

May 2023

Our group used the good weather to enjoy some time outside of the lab together. After a refreshing hike, we went on a climbing trip in the forest. Time to take our team work “to another level” ;)


Sara Zocher

April 2023

In our last Neuroepigenetics Seminar, we learned more about epigenetic changes in the hippocampus from Sara Zocher. Thanks for your insights! Check out the talk: Establishment and aging of the neuronal DNA methylation landscape in the hippocampus

Jennifer Erwin

March 2023

Thanks Jennifer Erwin for presenting your research on Integration of 3D human stem cell models derived from post-mortem tissue and statistical genomics to guide schizophrenia therapeutic development. If you want to rewatch this and other great talks of our Neuroepigenetics Seminar Series, click here.

We were at NWG 2023

March 2023

Last week, we used the opportunity and presented our work at the 15th Göttingen Meeting of the german neuroscience research society.

We look back on a successful symposium, co-chaired by Geraldine Zimmer-Bensch and Tanja Vogel, in which Geraldine gave an insightful talk on our group´s research.

Furthermore, Can, Julia and Jenice all presented their individual projects during the poster sessions.

Thanks for all the great talks and lively discussions!

Come and visit us at the NWG!

March 2023

Our lab is currently at the 15th Göttingen meeting of the German neuroscience society. Come and visit Can Yildiz at his Poster on Wednesday, see Jenice Linde at her Poster on Thursday and talk to Julia Richard at her Poster on Friday.

Also, don’t miss out on symposium S23 ‘Neuroepigenetics: Epigenomic adaptations in CNS development’ organized by Tanja Vogel and Geraldine Zimmer-Bensch.

Celebrating Hanna’s graduation and welcoming our newest lab members!

January 2023

Our student Hanna Bormuth has successfully defended her bachelor’s thesis with a terrific presentation and we wish her the best of luck in her master’s studies at RWTH Aachen!

As we celebrated Hanna’s graduation, we also welcomed the newest members of our lab: Jian Du (Ph.D. student), Lena Meins (master’s student), Cala Nusser and Lilli Dorp (bachelor’s students), and Claudia Palacios- a research intern all the way from Lima, Peru! We hope you guys have fun during your stays! ^.^

Tomohisa Toda

November 2022

We look forward to our last talk for this year in the Neuroepigenetics Series powered by World Wide Neuro. Tomohisa Toda from DZNE Dresden will present his research in a talk titled Exploring roles of long-lived cellular constituents in the long-term maintenance of brain. Looking forward to your talk, Tomohisa!

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Biology Day at RWTH Aachen University

November 2022

Today, many students and teachers from schools in Aachen and surrounding visited us for an open house day. The so-called “Tag der Aachener Biologie und Biotechnologie” is a yearly event jointly organized by all bio-scientific institutes of RWTH Aachen University.

Our group contributed with an introductory talk by Geraldine Zimmer-Bensch (current spokeswoman for the specialised section biology), a discussion round with Mira Jakovcevski about whether and how we can influence our genetic material using epigenetics, and a talk by Julia Reichard about the relevance of epigenetics for neuropsychiatric diseases. This was the first in-person event in more than two years and the positive feedback was overwhelming!

Thanks to all presenters and participants, looking forward to next year!


RTG 2416 Fall Retreat

November 2022

With pleasure we received the exciting news that the RTG 2416 MultiSenses – MultiScales was prolonged by the DFG. Great news for our affiliated and associated PhDs Can, Georg, Jenice and Julia!

At this year’s RTG 2416 Fall Retreat, we went to Nürburgring to celebrate the good news and to share and discuss our research. Luckily, the program also included some trips to visit the racetrack and the nearby castle Nürburg.


Tanja Vogel

October 2022

Thanks to Tanja Vogel for providing us with “An epigenetic perspective on stem cell specification in the developing CNS“! Another great talk of our Neuroepigenetics Series powered by World Wide Neuro. You can rewatch the talk and sign up for upcoming ones on the following link:

Tran Tuoc

August 2022

Today we heard a new talk in our Neuroepigenetics Series powered by World Wide Neuro given by Tran Tuoc, group leader at Ruhruniversität Bochum. His talk focussed on Epigenome regulation in neocortex expansion and generation of neuronal subtypes. You can rewatch the talk and sign up for upcoming ones on the following link:

Julia Schulze-Hentrich

July 2022

Our next speaker is already waiting in line: Julia Schulze-Hentrich, group leader at Universitätsklinikum Tübingen, will enlighten us on the role of epigenetics in Parkinson´s Disease. Her talk is titled “At the nexus of genes, aging and environment: Understanding transcriptomic and epigenomic regulation in Parkinson’s disease” and you can see it in our Neuroepigenetics Series powered by World Wide Neuro. Join in and ask your questions!

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We were at FENS 2022

July 2022

Our PhD students took the chance to participate in an in-person meeting for the first time in recent years.

Can, Julia, Jenice and Georg all visited the FENS 2022 in Paris! We heard a plethora of interesting talks and got the chance to talk to hundreds of researchers about our own and their work.

Georg, Jenice and Julia were given the chance to present their research in form of poster presentations. Also, Julia was awarded a sholarship by the Profile Area Molecular Science and Engineering of RWTH Aachen University. Congrats!

Jill Escher

July 2022

We are looking back on a great talk about the role of gametes for neurodevelopment by Jill Escher. In our Neuroepigenetics Series, powered by World Wide Neuro, we usually take a look at neuronal cells, but focusing on gametes provided us with some intriguing insights! Rewatch Jill´s talk here: Don’t forget the gametes: Neurodevelopmental pathogenesis starts in the sperm and egg

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Amara Plaza-Jennings

June 2022

In our last Neuroepigenetics talk, we heard Amara Plaza-Jennings talking about Cell-type specific genomics and transcriptomics of HIV in the brain. Thank you Amara for showing us your fascinating work of your PhD thesis!

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