Current Funding


Epigenetic Regulation of Mode of cortical Interneuron Migration

DFG Excellence Initiative

Investigating the consequences of nuclear deformation during neuronal migration for epigenetic and transcriptional remodeling using microfluidics-µNucDef?


The role of the DNA Methyltransferase 1 (DNMT1) in the development of somatostatin (SST)-positive cortical interneurons


Revealing causes for neuronal migration disorders – a comparative approach

DFG Excellence Initiative

Long non-coding RNAs in gene-environmental interactions

DFG – RTG 2416

Implication of epigenetic regulation of cortical interneuron function in multimodal integration

Past Funding


The role of the DNA-methyltransferase-1 in cortical interneuron differentiation, development and function

Funding period: 10/2011-01/2019


The epigenetic modulation of cortical interneuron survival by the DNA-methyltransferase 1 (DNMT1) over life time

Funding period: 11/2016-12/2018

Else Kröner Fresenius Stiftung

Decoding cortical interneuron diversity at a single cell level to approach the
pathophysiology of interneuropathies

Funding period: 4/2013-03/2017

ProChance, Jena

DNMT1 affects cortical interneuron development.

Funding period: 11/2012-11/2013


Die Rolle von EphrinA5 bei der Ausbildung neokortikaler Schichten während der Embryogenese bei Mäusen

Funding period: 10/2010-10/2012

Carl-Zeiss Stiftung

Die Rolle des Eph/Ephrin Systems bei der Regulation der Migration kortikaler Interneurone

Funding period: 07/2008-07/2010


The role of chondroitinsulfate/semaphorin3A interactions in regulating tangential migration of cortical interneurons

Funding period: 01/2007-06/2008